Monday, July 23, 2007


What makes the Pacific so unique. We could come up with many answers but our rich multi-cultural set-up is an example of why we are a colourful bunch of people.
Many different races and religions as well as cultural and ethnic backgrounds form our Pacifc community today, and with this comes many distinctive ways of living.
Different food, languages, customs and traditions, religion makes an interesting mix of Pacific Islanders.
Another thing we are all proud of is our various forms of dances to express moods and occasions.
Dance is a very unique way of expressing our many varied stories.
Much research has been done on the one word "DANCE" with several books written on it. Here in TRNi, we have dance programs introduced through several dance groups some most prominent are the Oceania Dance group, the TRNi Institute of Technology Music and dance classes, the Indian Cultural Center dance group lead by Shobna Channel, to name a few.
Several religious communities express their message of faith through dancing.
Through dance, we as a society develop skills, knowledge and understanding and at the same time learn to be open-minded to new ideas and accept many perspectives.
So it can also be said that art and dance go hand in hand.
Dance is a unique expression of culture and essential to artistic, social and cultural learning. When in art form, one gets to see and perceive the symbolic and best representation of cultural expression at its highest essence. Through art form the dance significance and beauty will remain forever.
Many art collectors have items of dance in many forms. Dance in art form can be perceived as something emotional, happy and beautiful as well as something of great magnitude.
Last week an Art Exhibition at the Alliance Francaise saw some great work from artists. One such artist and dancer was our former Miss Hibiscus Letilla Mitchell, who also was the 1st Runner-up in the exhibition.
When you approach her two displays of "Polynesia