Monday, July 23, 2007


Despite being married and having a family to look after, Devangi Jogia went ahead to chase her dream.
The young and successful Devangi always dreamt of being a beauty therapist.
Today, the 23-year-old siren has achieved that dream by becoming the owner of Studio 21, a beauty saloon located in Pacific House, on Butt Street, in central Suva.
"I always had an interest and desire to treat peoples face and give them good looks," she said.
"This isn't just a business for me. It means a lot to give satisfaction and the look they desire to my customers," she said.
People go to Devangi with their skin problems and, she says, she is always glad she is able to help them out.
"I feel so happy when I advise people on their problems and later I come to know that those problems have gone away," she said
She is originally from India but has been living in Fiji for the past 10 years.
Besides caring for the people, Devangi loves cooking and reading in her spare time.
Devangi attended Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School, in Vatuwaqa, Suva, from form three to six.
After that she went studied to become a beauty therapist, attaining a diploma in beauty therapy from the South Pacific Academy of Beauty Therapy.
She specialises in facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, massaging, threading, henna designing and many other treatments.
She believes marriage should not stop a person from attaining goals in life.
"The fact that I was married didn't stop me from reaching for my goals.
"There was a lot of encouragement from my husband and other family members. They supported me greatly. Without them I wouldn't have recognised my talents and my capabilities," she said.
"After all, I only received my diploma after getting married.
"The credit goes to my family for whatever I have achieved."
She admits it was not easy when she first opened her salon.
She said she had an assistant who did not look after her customers very well and she often got complaints from people.
"I had to study, besides being married so it was difficult as well.
"But my family was very supportive and that helped me come across all the obstacles," she said.
Her advice to women is that marriage should not be a hindrance in life.
Instead, it should become one's strength.
"Everyone should set goals for themselves and try to achieve them in every way possible.
"You just might not know what you are capable of doing."
She always was ambitious, saying that was what kept her going.
She says often her clients seek personal advice from her and she is always willing to share. That personal touch is slowly but surely helping her succeed in her ultimate aim.
But owning and running her own her is not the end of the road for this talented woman.
Business is quite slow but she hopes it will pick up towards the end of the year.
Her ultimate aim is to become the best beauty therapist in the country.
To all young scholars who want to become beauty therapists, Devangi says it is a challenging and interesting field.
"You should follow your dreams and one day you will find out that it has come to be true."