Friday, June 29, 2007

Peniasi Yearns for a Miracle

PENIASI Serukalou dreams of seeing his children receive proper education and be something in life.
Mr Serukalou, 64, of Tailevu, is often seen on the streets of the capital city with his 13-year-old physically handicapped son begging for money.
His desire to spread the word of God led him to play the harmonica and sing hymns on the streets.
He says singing is the only way he can earn a living.
He spoke of how he injured his left arm when he was a boy.
"My condition deteriorated as I grew older and I was not able to do hard work," he said.
"After completing my primary school education at the Nabua Central Fijian School, I went to Bau Methodist School on Bau Island."
He said it was a Bible school and he was involved in singing hymns and spreading the word of God.
"When I was 16-years-old I was able to play the harmonica well and I became a choirmaster for my church," he said.
"Now I cannot sing that well so I earn my living by playing the harmonica and singing hymns for people.
"I cannot sing any other kind of song.
He has twins. His son, Keni Drakuidreketi is deaf and dumb and cannot move properly while his daughter, Rokomeiva Likuteiba goes to a school in Suva.
"My daughter stays with her aunt when she is studying," he said.
He said he sent his son to school but was not able to pay the fees and now he stays with him.
While he was talking, Keni was getting annoyed and Mr Serukalou said he did not want him to talk to anyone.
He has also worked at the Suva Wharf as an attendant.
"Before starting work at the wharf, I was staying in the village and used to work on the farm to earn a living," he said.
The money he now earns goes to his family's welfare and a little is also put aside for his daughter's school fees.
He has been doing this for the past six years and earns about $6 a day.
"I come to Suva two to three days a week and stay at my sister's place. In the day I come to the city to sing and collect money," he said.
His wife stays home in the village and is partly paralysed.
He prays for a miracle each day as he continues to do his best for his family.