Monday, June 25, 2007

Brothers Kanaki headline Festival

MEXEM, the biting New Caledonian Kaneka reggae ragers who gave the world Edou, headline the Fete de la musique.
The group arrives early next Saturday for the climax of the annual French music festival in Sukuna Park, in Suva.
Edou is the brother Kanaki whom Lucky Dubes original band, The Slaves, did an album with during their South Pacific tour that included the French territory and Fiji.
Now, the young generation of the Drueulu tribe of Lifou Island, in New Caledonia, is resurrecting the group that has already released five CDs on which Edou features.
The seven-member group has just launched a new album, with Sese, a tune to listen out for.
Like our homegrown reggae groups Rootstrata and Exodus, Mexem has a cult following.
Their sound is very similar to that of Exodus, the pioneers of reggae in Fiji, and who are scheduled to play at 2.50pm in the festival climax.
That will see a day of music from 10am to 10pm when the food of love will flow freely in the capital city.
Over 30 bands and choirs last Thursday gave a taste of what to expect in a series of concerts held across the first city.
Appetisers this week will see pop and acoustic sounds fused with a touch of jazz take the stage from 6pm on Tuesday at Traps.
The nights main attraction will be ex-Rootsman William Hatchs Jeriko.
On Wednesday, it is the Defence Club where everything happens.
There Talei Burns joins guitarist Tom Mawi as the main act of the night.
All roads lead to Sukuna Park on Saturday where everyone who has appeared in the mid-week gigs get to jam.
With the fine weather in Suva, the Alliance Francaise, organisers of the show, expect Sukuna Park to be jam-packed.
The day will feature finalists of the talent, cultural items and the full-blown music styles of just about everyone who is active on the scene.
It is a way for the Alliance Francaise to keep close to the spirit of the annual music day in France, which is a free day of music where amateurs and professionals playing side by side and thus, the possibility to enjoy an entertaining concert and day of music is given to the people from all walks of life, including the underprivileged, said Alliance Francaise Fiji director Eric Galmard.
Launched in 1982, every June 21, in over 340 cities in 110 nations and counting, the Fete de la Musique brings peoples together.
In Fiji, this year festivities have been spread over a week-and-a-half to give as many people as possible a feel-good feeling.