Saturday, October 20, 2007


The University of the South Pacific's Malaga Singers proved a hit for thousands of secondary school students and other spectators in Suva yesterday.

The choir and dance troupe entertained pupils from schools like Adi Cakobau and Saint Joseph's Secondary schools with their new Pacific musical production titled Vaka, A Pacific Journey.

The choral show, put together by 30 singers and over 15 volunteers from the USP's Laucala Bay campus, has engaged five performances since Wednesday. The Malaga choir was led by Igalese Ete, who was choir director for the Lord of The Rings Two and the South Pacific Games in Samoa two months ago.

"The production has been well received by the students. They were very impressed," said Mr Ete.

He was proud of the effort put in by the stage crew and performers who are all USP scholars
Mr Ete said the show was a Pacific musical which told the story of ancient voyages by mariners in the Oceania region.

"The production depicts the journey of Pacific people from one island to another uniting people through song and dance," he said.

The use of the term Vaka in the show title, Ete said was interesting, because it was the word for outrigger canoe, in both the Cook Islands and Rotuman languages.

The Malaga Singers staged their final show at the Suva Civic Auditorium last night.

Apadted from the October 20th, 2007